Come join the fun, the adventure. . . the excitement!  
Jackman Brothers Adventure Camp is a unique after school enrichment program that brings the
thrill of adventure right to your school!  Whether they are searching the ancient pyramids for the
mummy's lost gold or exploring the tropical rain forests with hands on, LIVE animals, children will
never forget these wonderful and educational quests of adventure!
  • This service is FREE for the school, class fees are paid by those attending.
  • Each adventure is held one day a week for six weeks and can be easily worked into the format
    of your school’s current after school schedule.
  • Each Jackman Brothers Adventure camp has six different, one hour adventures. There are 13  
    adventures to choose from in all.
  • You may register for 1-6 adventures depending on your interest.  If you register for the first five
    adventures, you will receive the 6th one FREE.
  • The registration fee for each adventure is $12. All six adventures is $60.
  • Each adventure includes Storytelling by Master storyteller Bryce Jackman, a craft or activity
    centered around each theme, and as much fun and games and adventure as you can possibly
  • The school office and all classroom teachers receive a class list of all students attending the
    Jackman Brothers Adventure Camp for easy dismissal.
  • Sign your school up today!
Bryce A. Jackman
Owner and President

"Promoting creativity in a way that
allows children to explore their
incredible imaginations."

Be it on stage or entertaining on the 50
yard line at Mile High Stadium or even up
in Vail, Colorado on horse back, gun
slinging as the Sheriff at Piney River
Ranch, Bryce is a Master Storyteller and
Actor whose love for adventure,
educating, and entertaining is truly
apparent by the laughter that follows him!
Bryce is known locally as "Mr. B" ever
since his work with Radio Disney Denver
for over 2 ½ years. He is also an
accomplished artist in all mediums. His
intricate wood and delicate paper cuttings
are literally one of a kind treasures. Visit
JPB STORE for a gallery of Bryce's work
and pricing information.
Bryce has been married for 16 years to
his lovely wife, and is the proud father of
four children.