Celebrate in style! With 25 years of practice. . . we got it just right!
Our one hour Birthday Blasts are $150.00 which include: 30 minutes of interactive
entertainment and 30 minutes of balloon surprises, games and spectacular fun!
Choose a theme listed below or make up your own, we custom design birthday parties
to fit just about any personality.
* Tropical Adventure
* Pirate
* Wizards
* Wild West
* Princess
* Knight
* Dinosaurs
* Bugs
* Out of this world Space Adventure
* Ancient Mummies Lost Treasure
* Beach Party USA
* Super Spy
* "Caught in the Web"
Spiders Adventure
* Teddy Bear Tea Party
* Balloon Blast
* DJ Dance Party
* Squirm Factor
* Mystery Hour
* Wild & Crazy
* Cool Crafts
* Under the Sea
* Totally Insane Olympic Games
* Hawaiian Luau
* Superhero
* Squirm Factor
* DJ Dance Party
* Totally Insane Olympic Games
* Beach Party
* Dating Game
* Murder Mystery
* Teen Idol
* Soul Survivor
* Family Feud
* Game Show Extravaganza
* Wild Wild West
* Renaissance
* Singing Telegrams
* Balloon Bouquet Deliveries
* Embarrassments
* Spouse Trivia
* Mile Stone Birthdays 16, 20, 30, 40
* Over the Hill
* The Grim Reaper
"My children and I, love the
Jackman's style of entertainment.  It is
fun for all ages. . . both children and

-Christine Shofner
Littleton Colorado
" I was laughing so hard I couldn't catch
my breath. . . I actually went hoarse
from laughing so hard. . . the comedic
timing was well balanced between the
words and the physical comedy."

-Anita Plohocky
Centennial Colorado
"Our daughter requested the Jackman Brothers for her 18th birthday party! She and her friends had a
great time with all the interaction and games! Many of her friends commented that it was the best birthday
party they had been to in years! I would highly recommend them!"

-Sharlene Arthur
Henderson, Nevada